Corn & Resin filled Duck Cloth Bags

Corn filled Duck Cloth bags are the standard for outdoor play.  However in recent years many are switching over to a plastic resin fill.  If the dust is a must we get it go with the corn.  But you can't deny the advantages of resin filled bags.  All Weather resin bags will always weigh the same(corn will break down), no rodents want to eat them, you can get them wet and even wash them.  In the washer machine.  That's right!  Wash your bags people!  Keep'em clean!

Highly Durable Duck Cloth

Triple Stitched for added Durability
6" x 6" construction
 Corn or Quality Blend of Recycled Resin
16 oz. finished weight
Meets ACA, ACO, ACL Standards


​               Corn Bags $25                          All Weather Resin Bags $35

​                     Set of 8 Bags                                                Set of 8 Bags